Friday, May 12, 2017

The Wheel

Until now the only bike I've ever regretted selling was my '78 KZ1000. Regret is, of course, not the right word, since to regret one thing really requires the forgetting of another; but like the KZ this is one of those moments where I'm not selling because there's something better, I'm just... Selling.  The new owner is about an hour away so it was a post-morning rush hour sprint across Hwy32 to 108West which cuts through a slice of what MD is really known for (nice suburbs).  It was a very unremarkable end to my time on a very remarkable bike.  And as I look at the last photo I can already imagine the day when I'll stumble across another KZ750 or Speed Triple, type bike and say to myself "Man that is a good looking bike."  

Final Tiger mileage: 19,600