Saturday, September 12, 2015

Number on a Napkin

After this last weekend's 1300 mile trip through some of the finest backroads that West Virginia and Virginia have to offer, I started jonesing for something that would flick over more willingly, but still be long-legged enough to do many miles over many hours.  Having previously read a review of Ducati's 821cc Hyperstrada (a touring version of the more narrowly focused Hypermotard) I had the impression it could do what the Tiger does, only louder and with more feeling.  

Having made it through most of the workweek I couldn't resist taking Friday afternoon off to test drive one.  Walking up on it I was immediately impressed with how compact the bike is visually, but throwing it in gear, I also immediately felt like I was pulling away in a Porsche Cayman that had the driver seat locked in the most forward position. Sure, I dug the vibe of Ducati's raucous V-twin and how, in true supermoto fashion, the short wheelbase and excellent brakes came together to beg me to slice up suburban Mayland's rush hour traffic.  Even with less than 5-minutes of seat time the bike was already hardwired to my intuition to the point where even the left turning pickup truck that got cold feet and stopped right in front of me with only a few feet of road free at his tail was little more than some extra flavor added to the test ride... But with my five-minute fling ending it was disappointingly clear the Hyperstrada and I would never make it as a couple, and so knowing she would never be anything more than an expensive mistress, I will just have to enjoy the memory of getting her number.