Saturday, October 25, 2014

2007 Triumph Speed Triple

The second owner had put a few thousand, mostly commuter, miles on it during the few years he had it.  Taking it into the shop to have the state inspection performed the manager walked out, and pointing to the rear tire said, "The whole side of the tire is a chicken strip"
And as he turned to look at me, I was able to pass that inspection with a "Hey, I just bought it."

And now with the bike now registered in my name, I got busy correcting that misconception:

Of course there were bugs that the prior owner's no-maintenance policy had left for me that needed working out:

But it was always wicked fast and you had to be careful launching from a red light or it would wheelie... And running hard through the gears would slide you back in the seat.  Once riding fast behind a Mazda Speed and a Cadillac CTS on WV-29 between Forks of Cacapon and Paw Paw, the three of us came up on a slower moving dump-truck pulling a trailer in front of pick-up truck pulling a trailer, and in short stretch of passing-zone (only in WV) between two sharp hills, with neither the Mazda or the Cadillac being willing, I grabbed a handful of throttle at 45mph in 4th and as I hit 5th pulling in front everyone I caught the speedo reading an irrationally exuberant number.   

   WV ended up being the end of the Speed Triple.  The back roads getting out there can be fun, but the roads of WV are awesome almost across the whole state; so it was just a great place to explore:

And soon I was pushing myself further and further from home, until the day I made it to the New River Gorge Bridge not too far from Charleston, WV:

and tried to make it back the same night