Saturday, October 25, 2014

1971 BMW R60/5

I bought the Toaster, for fun, shortly after getting out of the Army in 1987.
Then a car crash meant for one cold, rainy Fall and Winter in 1988/89 it was my only form of transportation to work and school at night.  
Original except for the cheap set of unbaffled pipes,
it was also in dire need of love that I was too ignorant to pay it;  
in fact John Landstrom, who was still wrenching out of his basement in Norcross, 
once wrote me a note on an invoice that said "Needs Tires NOW!" 
because I was oblivious to the depth of the dry rotting.
It always did what I wanted it to do 
even if that meant an hour at 80mph
or starting without protesting a life of being left outside. 
The only time it wanted to punish me was when I got on the front brake at speed without burning off the collected rain water slowly as I started out... Luckily before the tank-slapper could throw me to the ground, I let go of the brake and it righted itself as if nothing had happened.